Yes – we believe in Free!

At MileCatcher, we want to increase the productivity of the mobile workforce world-wide. Through our mileage tracker app, our goal is to make trip logging hassle-free and accessible for individuals, business teams and companies.

We’re a two year old Seattle, USA based company with eight employees. Our founder, Lars Boesen, has a hardware background and worked + 20 years at Microsoft and Apple. He was prior to MileCatcher co-founder of Entrain Technologies.

Our product team has deep knowledge in user interface design, app development, automated test and building large scalable server solutions. What makes us different is our Forever Free Plan with unlimited automatic trip logging and our Single Task focus.

Lars Boesen, Founder & CEO

Free model

Yes – we believe in Free! We want to provide the 100m people that drive for business with a FREE automatic mileage log. MileCatcher is the only premium mileage tracker that offer unlimited automatic trip logging. All reports, data back-up and rich data export also free. Everything you need to keep a trip log is free.  No surprises.  There is no forced up-sell after e.g. no 30 trip limit or two weeks trial. No lock-in. It’s our contribution to the 1099 freelance economy. Already available in more than 40 countries.

Design Focus

Design Focus means MileCatcher will always be about trip logging. We believe in single task focused apps. This allow MileCatcher to be feature deep so it can solve complex mileage tracking requirements while still be quick to learn for new users.

We also have a premium plan to fund our development and avoid ads.  To make trip classification faster, MileCatcher offers a paid premium plan that allows auto-classification of trips. Users subscribe to Premium because they want to save time classifying trips, add more details faster and access the web portal. But a majority don’t and we’re proud of that!  More details  on pricing here.

How does MileCatcher work?

MileCatcher is a one-touch automatic mileage tracker that runs in the background. Within minutes after reaching your destination, a trip notification is automatically generated with your trip details – how long you drove, the time it took, start and end points, and route taken. These trips can then be classified by the user as either business or personal. Additional product details here.