Get full address and route with every trip!

The visual mileage tracker

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30 day unlimited free trial. All features just $48/year. Downloaded by +200,000 users.

A smarter way to sort trips

MileCatcher sorts your trips by status. Helps updating your trip log faster. Easier to find already classified trips.

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Powerful Web Portal

Classify trips in bulk. Custom reports. Statistics.

Only Log Trips in Work Hours

Log fewer trips. Save time and battery.

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My Locations

Tell MileCatcher what address to use and it will remember next time.

Why MileCatcher?

Visual trip route and full address means easier recall. Classify fewer trips manually with our smart tools. Lower cost. All features $48/year. No gimmicks. Export all trip data with full address info. No lock-in.



Classify with one tap on a trip notification as soon after you leave the car. No need to open app. Works on your smartphone and smart watch.

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The mileage book is finally dead. MileCatcher is IRS compliant and offers free unlimited automatic trip log.


Free unlimited mileage tracker forever

Accurate trip route

Means accurate mileage estimates even if you loop!

Smart classification

Log AND classifiy trips automatically.

Quick file expenses

Generate reports via app or web portal.

Web Admin delegation

Get help to file expenses while you are on the road.

More free features!

Unlimited automatic mileage tracker free!

MileCatcher is an automatic mileage tracker that supports corporate mileage rates, multiple vehicles, multi company reporting. Build your own custom “one click” purposes to quickly add notes when expensing trips.  MileCatcher privacy policy supports corporate deployments:  No location data is logged unless you drive. No trip data is ever shared with 3rd parties. All trip data can be exported and deleted.

Just install and drive!

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