Why provide MileCatcher for free?

We get this question a lot. Can it really be true? Why?

Let me try answer:  We see keeping a mileage log as two tasks. 1) First task is to remember to log all business trips, calculate value of deductions and generate proper reports. This is always free. 2) The second task is to automate classifying of trips. We think that if we help save you additional time, some of you will pay us. Enough to pay the bills. Happy to report, early data shows we’re right.

So we have two plans.  The free plan solves task one. You get unlimited trips logged automatically. Super easy to classify trips as Personal or Business. Back-up of data for when you upgrade your phone and nice reports for reimbursement plus rich data export in Excel and CSV format. For ever free.

So what’s about the paid $48/year subscription plan? Premium is all about the 2nd task.  Frankly, some people hate to keep a mileage log – even when they use an app. You might log +1000 trips a year. It’s still time consuming when you use an automatic mileage app. The benefit is you will not miss to report any business trips and now have a great audit trail.  But it still takes time.  So we offer a paid plan where we will auto-classify most of your trips and provide additional rich features – assign trips to different pre-set purposes e.g. projects or companies, provide access to web portal etc.  More details here.

But MileCatcher won’t force you to go Premium and you can downgrade to MileCatcher free plan anytime and still have access to all your data. So no lock-in. Why? Same reason, we don’t auto-renew subscriptions (you will never get a surprise invoice in 12 months). Maybe old school, but we actually believe, if you want to save time you will remain Premium subscriber and if not we rather have that you keep using our free plan and help spread the word.

Isn’t this just marketing talk? Well – we decided to provide rich data export in Excel and CSV for free plan, so you can take all your trip data with, you if you do want to leave. It helps build trust up front and keeps us motivated to serve you – even if your on free plan. The trip data export is by the way something you should ask of any provider. Do they allow you to export addresses? Funny enough, not everyone does..

So, we’re easy to try and with our free plan there really is no risk.

Welcome onboard!

Lars Boesen

Founder/CEO, MileCatcher, Inc.

Lars Boesen